The AstorMueller AG, which has its headquarters in the Swiss Town of Hünenberg, exclusively holds the license for bugatti. Today, bugatti shoes are already sold in 35 countries. They stand, here, for perfect fit, the best material quality and hip colours, always lying in the trend, the whole by high-class processing for reasonable prices. 
Our lasts are developed by a renowned German- Italian last-manufacturer. With the production, that bases on the traditional makings, solely the best leather qualities are used, which we, among the rest, buy in Italy. For the stylish actuality of the collections sign the serendipity of our trend scouts, as well as the creativity of our international design team. 
An enterprise philosophy, which is based on a flat hierarchy and a high grade of responsibility of each staff member, allows us to react fast and flexibly to the respective demands of the market. 
The continuous growth that we had during the last years, and that lies well over the average-benchmark of the branch, are a clear prove for the conclusiveness of this concept.

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